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Sorry for the shitty video, I did a quickie with a low-end Android at 4AM. T-Mobile’s T-Jingle: 16c2 16c2 16c2 16e2 8c2 (old) AT&T/Cingular Tune: 16c1 16d1 1…

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How to Get an Unlocked Phone to Work on AT&T & T-Mobile Envious of our neighbors across the pond? Unfortunately, a lot of quality phones never make it to US shores, meaning most consumers will never get to experience devices like the behemoth Galaxy Note (my current daily driver, which might come here soon, we just don’t know). If you do take the plunge with an unlocked phone, however, it can sometimes take a little doing in order to get it working properly on your GSM network, specifically Internet and MMS. This video will walk you through the steps required on AT&T, with instructions on T-Mobile down below. Continue reading: tchno.be For more tech goodness, check us out at: www.technobuffalo.com Follow Us on Twitter www.twitter.com Like Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Check Us Out on Google + tchno.be

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Before anyone comments dumb crap read the facts below. The T-Mobile phone is a HTC MyTouch Slide running Android 2.1 with the T-Mobile update. NOT ROOTED | NOT RUNNING A CUSTOM ROM. The Slide has 4 out of 4 bars of signal The AT&T phone is a iPhone 3G S running iOS 4.0.2 NOT JAIL BROKEN The iPhone has 4 out of 5 bars of signal. The location is in Portland Oregon. Also I am not bashing either networks, I do not favor one network over the other. I simiply thought it was intresting of the results. Both networks have their strenghts and weaknesses as well as with both phones.

AT&T Vs. T-Mobile 4G Showdown

4G Showdown: HTC Inspire 4G vs Samsung Galaxy S 4G – AT&T Vs. T-Mobile www.technobuffalo.com The war between cellular carriers in the United States has become all about 4G speeds, but who truly is the winner between AT&T and T-Mobile? It seems you can’t go anywhere on TV or online any more without seeing some sort of advertisement for a cellular carrier’s 4G network. These networks promise you crazy speeds that would put most home Internet connection speeds to shame, but what is the reality? And which is truly faster? Our own Jon Rettinger decided to pit AT&T and T-Mobile against one another to see which network was truly faster. For AT&T he used an HTC Inspire and for T-Mobile he went with the Motorola Galaxy S 4G. He conducted five tests over the course of two and a half hours on Feb. 18th starting at 7 AM, and these are the results he got: (all speeds in Mbps) AT&T T-Mobile Down Up Down Up Test #1 1.3 .4 2.8 1.4 Test #2 1.2 .3 2.7 1.5 Test #3 3.2 .4 2.8 1.8 Test #4 1.3 .7 2.4 1.5 Test #5 1.4 .6 2.8 1.6 The speeds shown in the video above were from tests conducted at 4:30 PM on Feb. 20th. As you can see, while T-Mobile was easily the winner, neither network came close to what they promise. T-Mobile has been saying that it can hit as fast 21 Mbps, but it appears you have to be in just the right place to get those speeds. AT&T’s network is supposed to deliver around 7.2 Mbps, so going by percentages it actually did better. On the upload front, according to AndroidCentral

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