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Watch live TV on your iphone! watchtvfrompc.org This link is the place where I got HDTv Channels for my iphone and ipad. Once you’ve had a look, let me know what you think. Cheers

www.imeiunlockcode.com See how to unlock your LG mobile phone. This video will show you how to unlock LG IQ mobile phone.

This video shows you how to get music onto your verizon phone without buying from the online store using an sd micro card. (its simple)Please rate and comment! Edit: Hi everyone! Thanks 4 watchin! Hope the video helps! plz rate and comment. MASS IMPORTANT NOTES/TROUBLESHOOTING MUST READ: This method is now comfirmed “perfectly working” with the verizon Razr V3m and LG VX8300! Also, there is a scary glitch that happened to me i call it “the scary corrupt music glitch”(its when you select “My Music” or “Manage Music” your phone freezes and resets” but no worries the solution to that, is to copy your “My Music” file somewhere in your computer and then delete your old one, then replace it with the copied “My Music” folder. Also, If you are having a problem when copying music or doing and activity on your card that causes it to say “File is write-protected” the solution is; to switch the little switch on the side of your adapter back to where it was originally was.(yeah i know, its hard not to miss). LAST UPDATED: 10/30 Thursday 11:09pm 2008. Have a nice day/night! NEW INFO: For anybody having problems formatting the memory card, the option should generally be in a “Settings and Tools” category. I dont know everybody’s phone menu layout. Please PM me for (if needed) further instruction or if you encounter any more problems. Thanks! LAST UPDATED: 11/11 Tuesday 6:10 PM 2008. IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to format it and still have the “my_music” folder simply do the following:go

hacking verizon wireless internet for prepaid phones

This is a simple tutorial showing everyone how to send a Text Message for FREE! No cost, simple and easy, and this is only for the US Cellular brand only… Sorry for other brands… :( But if you are a US Cellular user, just follow my steps and then check out the link below and start texting right away! It’s simple and easy and it’s funner than using your phone… INFO::: You don’t need Unlimited Texting or anything, this won’t bill your phone bill, and it’s COMPLETELY FREE AND EASY!!! ~US Cellular Brand Only, sorry for other brands… :*( Website: messaging.uscc.com Thanks for watching and please Subscribe if this helped you! Comment, Like, and Subscribe! Thanks!

HIGHER QUALITY!! www.youtube.com Here are the links for iTunes and the converter iTunes 8: www.apple.com MP3 WAV Converter: www.wmatomp3-converter.com Instructions: 1. Select a song in iTunes 2. Right click on it and click Create AAC Version 3. Look for the AAC version 4. Right click on it and click Get Info 5. Go to the Options tab 6. Select any part of the song you want (has to be 35 – 30 seconds long) 7. Convert it again 8. Drag the converted one to your desktop 9. Convert it with these settings. Preset: MP3 Sample Rate: 44100 Hz Encoder MP3 Audio Channel: 1 Channel Mono Bit Rate 128 kbps 10. Go to your email 11. Send it to your phone with your phone number on it EG 1234567890@vzwpix.com 12. You will receive it in 10 seconds Other Carriers: The X’s represent your phone number! With your area code Sprint: xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com AT&T: For SMS: xxxxxxxxxx@txt.att.net AT&T: For MMS: xxxxxxxxxx@mms.att.net T-Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net

It’s easy to overlook the benefits of prepaid cell phones with the majority of the country still bounded by contracts with the major carriers; however, numbers don’t lie. Prepaid customers save tens or even hundreds of dollars by switching to Net10 compared to their previous carriers. With coverage provided by both AT&T and Verizon towers, you can enjoy the service of your old carrier with the price tag of Net10. Start saving and look for Net10 at retailers like Walmart, Kmart, and Target.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR ALL LG PHONE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to make your battery life much longer by disabling EVDO (VCAST). 1. On your keypad, type ##7764726@@@@ @@@@ = 4 numbers in device model (eg VX9700= 9700) 2. On Service Code Screen, Type 000000 (6 zeros) 3. Select “Network Select” 4. Select “Mode Preference” 5. Select “1X Only” to save battery life (DISABLES VCAST) 6. Select “Digital Only Hybrid” to return to the default (ENABLES VCAST)

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