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I have the MyTouch tmobile phone and was jus wondering how much would it cost on average to get a cracked screen fixed? thanks

My father pays for my cell phone, he has full internet, I don’t, I have a smartphone. How much would it be to add internet to my phone?

I didn’t know that my texts werent unlimited & had a $1000 dollar cell phone bill last month.

I paid it & switched to the unlimited plan

My husband’s phone has been broken over a month

I just got a $533.78 bill

This is insane & I want it to end

How much is their early termination fee? It was a 2 yr contract (started in sept) for 2 lines. We had blackberry storms if the smartphone-ness matters

Thank you

i am going on a cruise to the bahamas the end of may. I was wondering how much it cost to use a verizon cell phone on the ship.We will be stopping at Nassau and Half Moon Cay in the bahamas if that changes the prices. i was also wonder about how much texting cost.

how much is the tmobile gravity is you live in plymouth mass and go to walmart super centser you would know it is either $235 or $289 please help me im saving up to buy it my mom will [pay the 200 and i pay the either 35 or 89

iSpy With My Little iPhone – but Not Much to See There
One of the biggest news stories around the iPhone in a long time is the recent — for lack of a better term — LocationGate fiasco. As with most stories like this, fear and link bait rule the day. You also have, in this case, U.S. Senators smelling blood in the water and inserting themselves into the story — and in some cases actually contributing to the misinformation out there.

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If my credit score (19 years olds) is only 632…

what would the chances of me being able to get a verizon cell phone? and would i have to put down a deposit…if so how much would you assume?

If I call England from my Verizon cell phone, how much will I be charged? Also, what will come up on my phone bill if I called England?

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