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DESTRUCTOID SHOW 0029 TGIMFF! Jonathan and Tara prepare for the weekend by gushing about the reason they got into game journalism: Mafia Wars! They also talk about a bevy of cheap, awesome iPhone games, the official Playstation mobile app (not as cool as it sounds), the return of Conan to gaming, the declining ratings of the Video Game Awards, and a whole lot more. We’ve also got some eye candy in the form of Fallout:New Vegas trailer, and direct-feed Uncharted 3 gameplay! Tara was lucky enough to be at the Uncharted 3 event last weeks, and she shares everything she knows (at least for now). Go to revision3.com/destructoid to catch up on all the episodes, and justin.tv/destructoid to check in on our wacky live hijinks.

‘First iPhone app that lets you transfer money’
First Direct has become the first UK bank to launch a true transactional banking app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

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iPhone games: Kids unknowingly spend real money in ‘Smurf’s Village’
Parents are incensed that kids are able to rack up hundreds of dollars in purchases in ‘The Smurf’s Village,’ a popular game for the iPhone and other Apple gadgets, without having to enter a password.

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My MB goes up when I save pics/videos to my Verizon cell phone. Does it actually cost money?

IPhone Users Spend More Money, But Give Operators Less Arpu
It may not be too much of a stretch to suspect iPhone users are some of the highest spending folks in the market. But compared to those using other devices, they actually bring in less money to their operators.

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How can I use my Verizon cell phone to find out how much money I owe?

Im in california, and i would like to call a friend in michigan, he has a verizon home phone, and i have a verizon cell phone, will it cost money?

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