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We shot the panel: ‘From Micro Fame to Nano Fame’ with panelists Nate Dern (Huh Guy), Matt Oswald (Me Gusta), Chris Torres (Nyan Cat) and Paul Vasques (The D…

This video shows you how to get music onto your verizon phone without buying from the online store using an sd micro card. (its simple)Please rate and comment! Edit: Hi everyone! Thanks 4 watchin! Hope the video helps! plz rate and comment. MASS IMPORTANT NOTES/TROUBLESHOOTING MUST READ: This method is now comfirmed “perfectly working” with the verizon Razr V3m and LG VX8300! Also, there is a scary glitch that happened to me i call it “the scary corrupt music glitch”(its when you select “My Music” or “Manage Music” your phone freezes and resets” but no worries the solution to that, is to copy your “My Music” file somewhere in your computer and then delete your old one, then replace it with the copied “My Music” folder. Also, If you are having a problem when copying music or doing and activity on your card that causes it to say “File is write-protected” the solution is; to switch the little switch on the side of your adapter back to where it was originally was.(yeah i know, its hard not to miss). LAST UPDATED: 10/30 Thursday 11:09pm 2008. Have a nice day/night! NEW INFO: For anybody having problems formatting the memory card, the option should generally be in a “Settings and Tools” category. I dont know everybody’s phone menu layout. Please PM me for (if needed) further instruction or if you encounter any more problems. Thanks! LAST UPDATED: 11/11 Tuesday 6:10 PM 2008. IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to format it and still have the “my_music” folder simply do the following:go

From Micro Fame to Nano Fame – Panel – ROFLcon 2012 We shot the panel: ‘From Micro Fame to Nano Fame’ with panelists Nate Dern (Huh Guy), Matt Oswald (Me Gusta), Chris Torres (Nyan Cat) and Paul Vasques (The Double Rainbow Guy) – check it out and if you’re interested in more ROFLcon, take a look at our playlist: www.youtube.com Nate Dern – “Huh? Guy” is the nickname given to Nate Dern, a commercial actor in an AT&T Wireless commercial in which his only line is a surprised “Huh?” in replying to the character of his boss. Along with the video, the actor rose to the status of an overnight celebrity after he posted a link to the video on Reddit in November of 2011. The thread quickly reached the front page of Reddit and accumulated over 31000 upvotes and 2800 comments in the first 24 hours. The commercial video gained more than 500000 views in the first 72 hours of upload on YouTube. natedern.tumblr.com twitter.com newyork.ucbtheatre.com Matt Oswald – Me Gusta Me Gusta is a rage comic face that is typically used to express one’s approval of an awkward or perverse situation. The caption “Me gusta” translates to “I like it” in Spanish. Matt uploaded his artwork onto 4chan and Reddit on March 18th, 2010. Me Gusta has evolved into a comic. mattoswald.com twitter.com Chris Torres – Nyan Cat It started out as “Pop Tart Cat” — but the internet world named it ‘Nyan Cat’ — (‘Nyan’ is the word Japanese culture uses for ‘meow.’) And it all started with a doodle. Now the video has over

Thank you thank you. It worked perfectly, well almost perfectly, my computer wouldn’t read the card, but the larger sd card did fit into my digital camera, so i was able to get the pictures that way :)

This guide will show you how to cut a regular sim card down to a micro sim card. This can be used for pay as you go/GoPhone as well on the iPhone 4/iPad. Written guide: bit.ly IMEI Number if you need one: 011817001806540 *I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE WHICH MAY OCCUR WHEN FOLLOWING THIS TUTORIAL!* YES, GOPHONE/PAY AS YOU GO DOES WORK ON THE iPHONE 4!!!!! LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!! Follow Me on Twitter: bit.ly

This video is on how to use different cellular networks with your iPad. Whatever GSM sim card you are using, you need an Internet Data Plan with your Service Provider. Try to refresh Cellular Data Network settings in your ipad after inserting a sim card. Enjoy !!

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