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What’s better than free?

IntoMobile goes hands-on with Verizon’s soon-to-be-released Motorola Droid. Check out the obligatory unboxing followed by a little hardware and software tour of the Droid. The Motorola Droid features a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, 5-megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash, QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack and the new Android 2.0 OS

Google IPv6 Implementors Conference Mobile Networks Session June 10-11, 2010 Mobile networks 00:23 IPv6 on 3GPP networks: a brief overview — David Kessens, Nokia Siemens Networks 15:28 IPv6 strategy and trials at T-Mobile USA — Cameron Byrne, T-Mobile USA 43:13 IPv6 deployment plans at Verizon Wireless — Benjamin Parker, Verizon Wireless 1:02:58 Mobile Broadband and IPv6 in Slovenia — Jan Zorz, go6.si Full Conference Agenda and Links at sites.google.com

Does anyone know IF and WHEN NFL Sunday Ticket will be availble on the TMobile G1 Google Android phone. The sunday ticket is now available on cell phones, but was wondering if G1 will be able to get to watch it.

I have a suspended Tmobile cell phone and I have read online where you can make calls using google voice. What i have done so far is installed the google voice app but can only send texts and receive them. It says online you can make outgoing calls using the gv app etc but when I do it says my service is suspended. I read that you have to install sip droid which on their site it says there are no new numbers available and the gizmo5, i dont understant. I have wifi enabled on my phone through the house. I know this can be done, I just need some simple instructions or some help!


The Motorola Droid is live, and it’s bringing the hurt to the Android space. Verizon’s first Android phone sports a 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, GPS, WiFi, 3G data, microSD card and Android OS 2.0. Take a tour with us as we check out the new Google Maps Navigation app featuring turn-by-turn voice prompts. The Droid is the first Android smartphone with Google Maps Navigation.

So yeah Google’s amazing smartphone is now shipping to Canada on Rogers network for a hefty prices of $500somethin. Enjoy and subscribe if you liked :)

After I dropped my phone and cracked it I was still able to use it. After 2 weeks my screen went white and my phone still works and am able to take calls on it but bc I cant see the screen I cant do much else. Can I fix this problem myself? What part do I need? A screen? A glass digitizer? I dont mind if the crack stays on the screen as long as I can see whats going on on the screen. the cracks are small.

What’s Next for Google!

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Here’s a quick video/demo on me showing you Google Wallet installed correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus the Verizon Wireless model. Want Google Wallet my fellow Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus owners? Click here to see it in action. Directions on how to install it: #1.)Navigate to settings/security/then enable unknown sources #2.)Navigate to your browser on your galaxy Nexus and type in the follow in the address bar: bit.ly/AJ-GoogleWallet #3.)Download the app called: “Easy Installer” & install that file you just downloaded with this app. #4.)Open the app & create an account #5.)Enjoy your $10.00 FREE dollars! (Only limited time) BTW sorry if this video wasn’t edited correctly this is my first time using Final Cut Pro XI have no idea how to use it yet. Like me: www.facebook.com G+ me *Google+*: profiles.google.com Stalk me: twitter.com

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