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Here’s how to get out of your cellphone contracts when carriers make changes to their contract such as raise the monthly fees for a dollar.

Verizon’s double O Agent Carson V. Heady vs. Att

How to break a cell phone contract?

I have alltel and I am happy with the service but my needs for phones have changed and I would like to upgrade to newer/data phone like a blackberry but I can’t because I am under contract. I like alltel and have no problems, but I don’t really like their phones. I like the sidekick phone from Tmobile. I have two phones that are under contract with alltel, is there a way to break these contracts without paying the rediculous fees they have?

“anna d” said u need to email or call to check when your contract for a tmobile phone expires and i want to know who to email and what to ask and details like that.. please help

Alright, so i have tmobile and i want a new phone. but i dont wanna pay a butt load of money and sign another contract. i was looking at phones on the target website and was wondering, if i go into the store and purchase a phone, do i still need to sign another 1-2 year agreement,?Any others details about buying a phone at walmart or target would be helpful.


I didn’t know that my texts werent unlimited & had a $1000 dollar cell phone bill last month.

I paid it & switched to the unlimited plan

My husband’s phone has been broken over a month

I just got a $533.78 bill

This is insane & I want it to end

How much is their early termination fee? It was a 2 yr contract (started in sept) for 2 lines. We had blackberry storms if the smartphone-ness matters

Thank you

I still have a T-Mobile 2 yr contract. I just broke my phone…But I still have my SIM card in good shape. If I go to walmart and buy a prepaid tmobile phone and slide in the sim card will it work? If no…please advise. Thanks..

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