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We shot the panel: ‘From Micro Fame to Nano Fame’ with panelists Nate Dern (Huh Guy), Matt Oswald (Me Gusta), Chris Torres (Nyan Cat) and Paul Vasques (The D…

Wireless Technology Forum Mobile Application Development Strategies.

Novatel’s latest mifi offering includes global roaming including Asia Pacific and Europe, and includes a handy OLED display for showing battery and connectio…

The Motorola Kopin Golden-i is being showcased at the Verizon booth at CES 2012, demonstrating Industrial uses such as Construction, Medical, Public safety, Utilities and more.

Best Absolute Perfect hd fancam of BAP – No Mercy @ KCON Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine. This is one of my favorite songs from them. Enjoy BABYs~~ ^^ *Please Do not re-upload* *Please credit if sharing* Thanks ^^ *insert copyright disclaimer*

DC proudly sponsors the Mammoth Motocross. The “DC Mini Days” showcased DC’s am riders Adam Cianciarulo and Carson Mumford, against some of the best kids in the world. To add some fun for the kids, DC created and put on the Donkeycross, which last year, was a tube race and this year, we adapted to the snow conditions and created a multi discipline obstacle course. See Adam and Carson ripping at Mammoth and highlights of the Donkeycross in this recap from Mammoth Motocross. Congrats to all the winners. Visit DCSHOES.COM Music By: The Frowning Clouds “All Night Long” Filmed and Edited by Eldrich Legaspi


From Micro Fame to Nano Fame – Panel – ROFLcon 2012 We shot the panel: ‘From Micro Fame to Nano Fame’ with panelists Nate Dern (Huh Guy), Matt Oswald (Me Gusta), Chris Torres (Nyan Cat) and Paul Vasques (The Double Rainbow Guy) – check it out and if you’re interested in more ROFLcon, take a look at our playlist: www.youtube.com Nate Dern – “Huh? Guy” is the nickname given to Nate Dern, a commercial actor in an AT&T Wireless commercial in which his only line is a surprised “Huh?” in replying to the character of his boss. Along with the video, the actor rose to the status of an overnight celebrity after he posted a link to the video on Reddit in November of 2011. The thread quickly reached the front page of Reddit and accumulated over 31000 upvotes and 2800 comments in the first 24 hours. The commercial video gained more than 500000 views in the first 72 hours of upload on YouTube. natedern.tumblr.com twitter.com newyork.ucbtheatre.com Matt Oswald – Me Gusta Me Gusta is a rage comic face that is typically used to express one’s approval of an awkward or perverse situation. The caption “Me gusta” translates to “I like it” in Spanish. Matt uploaded his artwork onto 4chan and Reddit on March 18th, 2010. Me Gusta has evolved into a comic. mattoswald.com twitter.com Chris Torres – Nyan Cat It started out as “Pop Tart Cat” — but the internet world named it ‘Nyan Cat’ — (‘Nyan’ is the word Japanese culture uses for ‘meow.’) And it all started with a doodle. Now the video has over

Verizon Wireless March 2012

Keynote Session Embracing the Shedding Philosophy

FIFA 12 and Pro Evo 2012 go all the way to the final whistle. Rayman is back and he’s moving to a funky new beat, plus we check out some special eyewear. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com follow us on Twitter at twitter.com and download the Game On app for your iPhone

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