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This is something that affects me in the plan I have now because they only give me 75 daytime(mon-fri) and 500 weekend minutes. What I don’t understand is why my phone company(tmobile) gives me weekend minutes by a large margin. On a different plan they offer 300 daytime(mon-fri) with UNLIMITED weekends and no night minutes.

What I want to know is why do phone companies offer more night and weekend minutes than they do daytime?

someone keeps calling my cell and harassing me. they will not say thier name when they call back. it is a tmobile phone. i called tmobile and they said they couldnt give me any info. i have the number but i dont know who the person is. is there any way i can find out who is calling me??? thanks

I have a tmobile prepaid cell phone my dad has a plan with us cellular. His contract is expired and I know he has to buy a tmobile phone but would I have to buy a new phone from tmobile when I already have one?

So I have a TMobile G2 phone. I took some pictures in a poorly lit venue and when there was light behind myself with some others, our eyes are gold.

What should my camera flash setting be?

My options are Auto, Incandescent, Cloudy, Daylight and Fluorescent.

Thanks everyone!

Anybody know if Tmobile cell phones use an ip address? and if its any different to ip addresses used by computers? Im asking becuase of suspicios activity on one of my sites.. my pages get a hit but no info from where it came from is available.. so i was wondering if cell phones are invisible over the net… for example T-Mobile.

How to break a cell phone contract?

I have alltel and I am happy with the service but my needs for phones have changed and I would like to upgrade to newer/data phone like a blackberry but I can’t because I am under contract. I like alltel and have no problems, but I don’t really like their phones. I like the sidekick phone from Tmobile. I have two phones that are under contract with alltel, is there a way to break these contracts without paying the rediculous fees they have?

Does anyone know IF and WHEN NFL Sunday Ticket will be availble on the TMobile G1 Google Android phone. The sunday ticket is now available on cell phones, but was wondering if G1 will be able to get to watch it.

on there, it say it requires web plans.
i was wondering if i could buy it and use it with my existing non-data plan?

What is the best Tmobile phone out right now? I am looking to get a cell phone today after work. So far from what I’ve seen online, the HD7 and G2x look really great.

What is the best smart phone?

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